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Nestler Poletto Sotheby’s International Realty has been showcasing the prestigious communities and luxury homes of Delray Beach for nearly three decades. This experience has led to a personal knowledge of the downtown and surrounding areas, highlighted by our office location in the heart of the city. Christened as America’s most fun small town in 2012 by USA Today Travel, Delray Beach is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for luxury travelers and home buyers alike.

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Delray Beach Homes for Sale


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Greater Delray Beach officially comprises only 16 square miles, yet neatly fits an incredible variety of nationally-recognized attractions and luxury real estate within the intimate confines of its borders. From the exclusive oceanfront condos of Delray Beach to private, expansive gated communities out west; this city caters to a wide-range of luxurious lifestyles. Even among the well-known metropolitan centers of Miami and West Palm Beach, Delray is notable for its unique nightlife and cultural appeal. The city’s main street is Atlantic Avenue; with an eastern end that terminates at the Atlantic Ocean, amid vibrant dining and dancing options. Just north of the avenue, residents can enjoy any of the 30 different art galleries and entertainment centers.

A History That Spans Generations

Delray Beach boasts a rich history, the influences of which can still be seen today. The city’s roots are invariably and literally tied to the lush fauna and temperate climate that attracts so many potential residents. In the 1870’s the Orange Grove House of Refuge was established in the midst of the sour orange trees that lined the coast. The structure was erected with the intent of providing a safe haven for shipwrecked sailors. Although just one among the many that stretched up and down Florida’s east and west coasts, this was one of the very first.

Before long, a successful farming community eventually developed, growing so popular that Henry Flagler dedicated a stop on his railway to Delray when he extended it from West Palm Beach to Miami. The most popular crop was the pineapple, and the downtown neighborhood of Pineapple Grove is a nod to the area’s history. By the beginning of the 1900’s however, the once thriving farming industry began to decline. The Florida land boom of the 1920’s breathed new life into the town, making it the largest between Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. It was during this period that much of the infrastructure required to support continued growth was built. At around the same time, the two separate entities of Delray and Delray Beach, divided by what would become the Intracoastal, were combined to become the city of Delray Beach as we know it today. As the years progressed, an influx of tourism helped drive the increase in luxury properties and beachfront condominiums.

World Renown Athletic Facilities and Natural Beauty

Delray Beach is well recognized among tennis enthusiasts the world over. In fact, in 2010 it was named as one of the US Tennis Association’s top tennis towns in the nation! The expansive Delray Beach Tennis Center can accommodate up to 8,200 spectators, and has hosted the Fed Cup and Davis Cup in the recent past. Currently, the center plays host to the Delray Beach International Tennis Championship. Many of Delray Beach’s more exclusive communities also boast world-class tennis courts, making this city perfect for those pursuing an active lifestyle.

As a popular city along the Florida’s Eastern seaboard, the glistening waters of the Atlantic Ocean are also a prime attraction for tourists and residents alike. Less than 200 yards from the city’s public beach lay the remains of the S.S. Inchulva. This diving site has achieved popularity thanks to its accessibility, and the vibrant sea life that call it home. Concealed under just 20 feet of water, the “Delray Wreck” draws both professional and amateur snorkelers and scuba divers year round.

The wonders of Delray Beach are not contained to the Atlantic coast however. The suburban areas stretch west all the way to Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Located at the border of the Northern edge of the Everglades, the wildlife refuge offers walking and biking trails, boat ramps, fishing platforms, and raised observation decks. Along the way, the neighborhoods become more unrestrained, providing extra space for buyers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown. Delray Beach’s luxury homes offer a variety of activities and culture. No matter what you’re looking for, NPSIR’s agents will find the perfect luxury home for you in Delray Beach.

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